Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds)

Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds)

[PDF] Climate: The Great Delusion (Independent Minds)

Book Snippet : There is now a raging global debate around attempts by the international community to counter what lsquo;consensusrsquo; science has declared to be catastrophic climate change due to human activities. Gerondeau demonstrates the absurdity of the counter-measures to which the G8 countries are now committed. These complex and formidably expensive measures: bull; will be nullified by the actions of China and India, where such restrictions are economically and politically unfeasiblebull; will have no discernible effect on the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change bull; make no sense in the light of the impending exhaustion of hydro-carbon sources within the coming century bull; will come to be viewed as a scarcely credible response to a global delusion amid harmless shifts in climate. Having sold over 10,000 copies in France, under the title CO2 Un Mythe Planeacute;taire, the author has brought his work fully up to date for the English edition. The endorsements of Nigel Lawson and Valeacute;ry Giscard drsquo;Estaing speak volumes for the authority of this work.

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